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Welcome to the Communication Mentors' Network!

The Communication Mentors’ Network of PA is committed to supporting all people in raising their voices, exercising choice and control, and promoting independence by utilizing desired ways of communicating.

At this time, we have one office in Southeastern (SE) PA -- in Valley Forge. This office is where many learning events occur, where our Communication Mentors’ Lending Library is housed, where various Assistive Technology Clinics take place, and where anyone can browse to see what possibilities are available. This office is under the coordination of Jessica Stover, our AT Specialist & Central PA Coordinator.

Communication Mentors are graduates of The Communication Mentors’ Course™, which was developed to "build capacity" in local areas by training interested people in how they might help others who have unrecognized or not fully expressive communication to find or expand their voice through the use of Assistive Technology (AT) and Augmentative / Alternative Communication (AAC). Through an almost year-long course of study and real world practice in what AT/AAC is, the larger issues of choice and control faced by people who are seen as "voiceless", and how we can all better hear everyone’s communication, Communication Mentors are born!

From this, a network of Communication Mentors has been established that includes service provider staff of all levels, nurses, various therapists (SLP’s, OT’s, Behavioral Therapists, etc.), community integrated employment staff, educators, early intervention specialists, supports coordinators, family members, people who use AT/AAC themselves, and many more. Over time, this Communication Mentors’ Network works across boundaries of agencies, counties, and systems to provide training and information sessions, hold various Assistive Technology Clinics for individual exploration, work with people and their supporters over time, and provide accessibility reviews for increased independence and control.

Communication Mentors have much first-hand experience in the power of combining a belief in competence, a healthy skepticism of what previous labels actually mean about a person, and thinking through what support might actually be supportive. Add to this a growing knowledge-base of the available technology and systems which might be used to help people more fully communicate and it’s a mighty support. Our mantra is “EVERYONE COMMUNICATES”!

We welcome you to our site and encourage you to take advantage of the many resources you may find here!

Check out the many activities happening at our office and elsewhere by visiting our Upcoming Events Calendar. If you have questions or concerns, please contact The Communication Mentors' Network. While some activities and offerings are available to everyone, Communication Mentors should remember to log in to access everything available to them.

Photo of Donald Hoffman using a Link at the Northumberland Comunication Mentors' office.For Communication Mentors

This website also offers a variety of resources for new and existing Communication Mentors. Check out our new and improved Discussion Board, where Mentors can come together to share, learn, and find out more about what is going on in the Communication Mentors' Network!

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