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April 2020 - AAC Pick: Communication Assistant for COVID-19 (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2020
- AT Pick: Healium AR, the augmented reality app helping veterans manage anxiety (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2020 - Web Pick: The Census and the Disability Community: Get Ready to be Counted! (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2020 - Web Pick: "Dreams Coming True" Audiobook (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2019 - AAC Pick: AAC device users research study (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2019 - Web Pick: I Raise My Eyes To Say Yes (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2019 - Web Pick: The One Show: Lost Voice Guy (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2019 - Web Pick: Pennsylvania will close two state centers for intellectually disabled (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2019 - Web Pick: Person-Centered vs System-Centered (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2019 - Web Pick: Consent and Kids with Disabilities (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2019 - Web Pick: Auditions: Kodi Lee - America's Got Talent (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2019 - AT Pick: Funding Your Assistive Technology (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2019 - AT Pick: is Ikea’s New Project That Makes Its Existing Products Accessible (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2019 - Web Pick: We All Win (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2019 - Web Pick: Neuroscientists Translate Brain Waves Into Recognizable Speech (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2019 - Web Pick: Short Film about Playground Inclusion wins International Acclaim (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2018 - Web Pick: Dreams Still Coming True (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2018 - Web Pick: 2018 National Disability Employment Awareness Month! America’s Workforce: Empowering All! (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2018 - Web Pick: CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2018 - Web Pick: Assistive Technology -- Summer Cleaning! (Free!) (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2018 - Web Pick: The cost of access (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2018 - Web Pick: Governor Wolf’s Employment First Policy to Help People with Disabilities Find Work Becomes Law (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2018 - Web Pick: Re-Awakening in Paradise! (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2018 - Web Pick: A Thank-You to our Assistive Technology (AT) Advisory Group… (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2018 - AAC Pick: Stephen Hawking's speech software is now available for free (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2018 - Web Pick: Meet the Deaf-Blind Lawyer Fighting For People With Disabilities (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2018 - AAC Pick: How a new technology is changing the lives of people who cannot speak (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2018 - Web Pick: What is NOT assistive technology? (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2017 - Web Pick: Networks @ 25! (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2017 - Web Pick: Amputee Makes History with APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2017 - Web Pick: #ATchat (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2017 - Web Pick: Positive, humane and practical — a new paradigm for understanding autism (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2017 - Web Pick: Of autism, literary brilliance and hidden potential (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2017 - Web Pick: What the Fidget Spinners Fad Reveals About Disability Discrimination (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2017 - AT Pick: Apple’s new ‘Designed for’ videos highlight Accessibility features with personal stories (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2017 - Web Pick: This ASL interpreter has interpreted music for countless artists — and transformed the musical experience for the deaf (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2017 - Web Pick: 'Sesame Street' to introduce TV fans to Julia, a Muppet with autism (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2017 - Web Pick: SAS enables visually impaired to 'visualize' data (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2017 - Web Pick: Disability Rights are Human Rights (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2017 - Web Pick: Deaf Man Orders Drink At Starbucks. Then Barista Hands Him THIS Note! (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2016 - Web Pick: An important message from Networks... (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2016 - AT Pick: Paralyzed man feels touch through mind-controlled robot hand (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2016 - Web Pick: How the Sitcom ‘Speechless’ Understands Families Like Mine (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2016 - Web Pick: First Cyborg Olympics Will Celebrate How Technology Can Help Disabled People (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2016 - Web Pick: My brother thought his disability meant he couldn’t vote (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2016 - AT Pick: Medical MacGyvers: Nurses Craft DIY Devices to Fit Patients’ Needs (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2016 - AAC Pick: :prose (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2016
- AAC Pick: Incredible gloves turn sign language into speech (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2016 - AT Pick: When This Woman Could No Longer Remember, Her Granddaughter Invented Something To Help (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2016
- AT Pick: Ford Shows Off First Wheelchair-Accessible SUV at Chicago Auto Show (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2016 - Web Pick: Father Communicates With Non-Verbal Son (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2016 - Web Pick: Chammi- Hear Me Now (A Film Poem) (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2015
- Web Pick: Workforce Innovation Act Resource Center (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2015 - AT Pick: Scientists Connect Brain to a Basic Tablet—Paralyzed Patient Googles With Ease (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2015 - AT Pick: After her husband’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, she invented a product to improve the lives of millions (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2015 - AT Pick: How A Simple Apple Feature Called Switch Control Is Changing Lives (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2015 - Web Pick: Incredible Elementary School Boys Fight Bullying For Special Needs Classmate (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2015 - Web Pick: Judith Snow: A Story (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2015 - Web Pick: #ICanDoMoreThanRequest (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2015 - Web Pick: Steve Gleason Act (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2015 - Web Pick: 10 Ways Technology Is Changing the Way We Live (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2015 - AAC Pick: Here Me Now. (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2015 - AAC Pick: Meet the man who spent 12 years trapped inside his body watching ‘Barney’ reruns (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2015 - AAC Pick: Intel helps Stephen Hawking speak up (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2014 - Web Pick: Alinaworthy (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2014 - Web Pick: All Technology Is Assistive (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2014 - AT Pick: DIYAbility has been selected to be NY's Next Top Maker (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2014 - AT Pick: Using Cardboard to Bring Disabled Children Out of the Exile of Wrong Furniture (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2014 - AAC Pick: AAC by 18 months (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2014 - AAC Pick: How a Deaf-Blind Person Watches the World Cup (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2014 - Web Pick: How Designers Are Failing People With Disabilities (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2014
- Web Pick: A Diary Of A Mom: Dear Abby Cadabby (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2014 - AT Pick: How to teach Siri some manners (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2014 - AT Pick: Makeup With Embedded Electronics Helps The Disabled Control Their Devices (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2014 - Web Pick: Duracell: Trust Your Power - NFL's Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2014 - AT Pick: Technology Bestows the Power of Speech (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2013 - Web Pick: Social Media, Disabilities and You (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2013
- Web Pick: Disability Equality Index “Soft” Launch Announced (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2013
- Web Pick: RESNA History (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2013 - AT Pick: ICATER ToolKit (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2013 - Web Pick: Autistic teenager tipped for Nobel Prize (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2013 - AT Pick: Assistive Technology @ Easter Seals Crossroads (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2013 - Web Pick: Technology as a Tool of Inclusion (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2013 - AAC Pick: HIMS Chat - Free Deaf-Blind Communicator iOS app (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2013 - Web Pick: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Is Even Worse Than You Think (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2013 - AAC Pick: Chipmaker races to save Stephen Hawking's speech as his condition deteriorates (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2013 - AT Pick: Hebrew U scientists help blind 'see with eye music' (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2013 - AT/AAC Pick: Mind Reader: Unlocking My Voice (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2012 - AT/AAC Pick: ACCI Awarded AT Vendor for TIPS/TAPS (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2012 - AT Pick: Eye Controlled Computer (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2012 - AT Pick: Man hacks Kinect to help his mother e-mail after stroke (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2012 - Web Pick: Oscar Pistorius and 'the Dignity of Risk' (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2012 - AT Pick: iPad Gives Comedian with Cerebral Palsy a Voice (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2012 - AT Pick: Control Video Games with Your Tongue (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2012 - Web Pick: What Do We Mean When We Say 'Community?' (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2012 - AT Pick: Self-Driving Car (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2012 - Video Pick: Wimpy Braille Burgers (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2012 - Video Pick: Chris Klein: Building Relationships Through Tools of Communication (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2012 - AT Pick: Tobii eye-tracking software (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2012 - Video Pick: Sean Forbes "I'm Deaf" (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2011
- AT Pick: Apple's AssistiveTouch iPhone feature (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2011
- Web Pick: "Getting a Life" by Anne McDonald (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2011
- Web Pick: (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2011 - Web Pick: AT Success Stories from the Family Center on Technology and Disability (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2011 - Video Pick: Jerziah's Technology - Using his eyes and mouth (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2011
- Web Pick: The Assistive Technology Blog (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2011
- Video Pick: A Parallel Universe (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2011 - AT Pick: Pass It On Center (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2011 - Web Pick: Think College! (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2011
- AAC Pick: EASE Sri Lanka (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2011 - AAC Pick: “Defendant with no language proves difficult to prosecute” (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2011
- AT Pick: ScripTalk Audible Prescription Reader (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2010
- Web Pick: "Communication is Key" Facebook page (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2010 - AT Pick: Obama signs technology access bill (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2010
- AT Pick: Deaf Find Their Voices via Mobile Video and Apps (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2010 - Web Pick: AAC Interview With Robin Hurd (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2010
- AT/AAC Pick: Sniffing Communication Device (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2010 - AT Pick: Digit-Eyes Audio Labeling System (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2010
- Web Pick: Life With Clay (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2010
- AT/AAC Pick: Boston's Autism App (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2010
- AT Pick: Skinput (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2010 - AT Picks: Toshiba’s Brain Wave Scanning Headphones, NTT Docomo’s Eye-Controlled Earphones (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2010 - AT Pick: Light Touch (PDF) (Word) (Text)
January 2010 - AT Pick: SixthSense (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2009
- Web Pick: Comatose for 23 years, Belgian feels reborn (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2009 - Web Picks: YouTube - Christschool, The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2009
- AT Items: Apple iPod Touch, Proloquo2Go (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2009 - AT Item: ScreenDoors 2000 (PDF) (Word) (Text)
August 2009
- Web Picks: In My Language, One Thumb to Rule Them All, Almasalsera, Life Rolls On: They Will Surf Again, Invest in Independence (PDF) (Word) (Text)
July 2009 - AT Item: Echo Mic (PDF) (Word) (Text)
June 2009 - Book/Video: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (PDF) (Word) (Text)
May 2009 - AT Items: Wrist Talker, Dynavox EyeMax System (PDF) (Word) (Text)
April 2009 - AT Item: Toobaloo; Video: Autism Is A World (PDF) (Word) (Text)
March 2009 - AT Item: MyTobii P10 (PDF) (Word) (Text)
February 2009 - AT Item: The ARM (PDF) (Word) (Text)
December 2008 - Videos: Freedom Machines, Communicating Matters, Facilitated Communication Family and Friends (PDF) (Word) (Text)
November 2008 - Videos: Dreams Coming True, Inside the Edge, King Gimp (PDF) (Word) (Text)
October 2008 - AT Items: Easy Picture Words Cards, Drink Aide, Singer Electric Scissors; Videos: Michael’s Eagle Eyes, My Left Foot (PDF) (Word) (Text)
September 2008 - AT Items: Cheap Talk 4, Sign Language Cards, The Virtually Indestructible Keyboard; Videos: A Credo for Support, A Part of Our Life FC And Pre-School (PDF) (Word) (Text)