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Check out our many stories from the perspective of Communication Mentors, users of AT/AAC, family members, and other communication supporters. Take a moment to share your own communication story!

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Diane Singleton - Behavior is a Form of Communication

Diane made a realization that the difficult behaviors from an individual she had worked with for many years were actually attempts at communication. When she apologized for not noticing this ealrlier, their relationship changed.

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Joanie Fisher - Creating an Awareness

The Communication Mentors' Network has created an awareness for Joanie and many others that communication can open doors and work miracles for people! People are being heard and respected, and everyone grows from this.

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Julie Sozio - Slowly, but Surely

Julie found that being a Communication Mentor helped her to communicate long held beliefs about how people's behaviors need to be recognized as communication. Slowly, but surely, she has been helping others to understand this so that more individuals can be heard.

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Laura Zibrat - Facilitating the Fire in My Belly

After attending a Communication Conclave, Laura felt the need to get involved with the Communicaiton Mentors' Network. She had a fire in her belly and began spreading it around her organization, through her trainings and meetings, and with the staff and the individuals they support.

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Michelle Sparling - Employment Is Possible

Following her belief that employment is possible for all, Michelle has been investigating assistive technology and creative supports to help people pusue their personal employment dreams, including people who do not use the spoken word to communicate.

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Diane Pepper - Subtle Communications

Diane tells about Deanna's sometimes overlooked attempts at communicating. Deanna has many ways of communicating, but if people don't notice, then she's likely to just give up. We all need to be more aware of people's more "subtle communications".

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Roy Diamond - Infinitely Grateful

Roy's son, Jacob, used Facilitated Communication (FC) to tell people various things about himself. At age 18, he is expressing himself "like a typical teenager", for which he and his family are very thankful.

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Chandi Rajapatirana - Breaking Free From a Silent Abyss

After 17 years of being "held hostage" by autism, ,Chandi and his family stumbled upon Facilitated Communication (FC). Suddenly, his brain "lit up like a neon sign", and he finally had a way to communicate. Since then, Chandi has been on an incredible journey, told here in articles from Sri Lanka's "The Sunday Times" and "Time" magazine.

Read the article from "The Sunday Times" here.
Read the article from "Time" magazine here.

Rosa McAllister - Mentors' Network Boosts Communication

Rosa shares information about the Communication Mentors' Network in the "Community Services Reporter", a publication of the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS). The article starts on page 2 of the "Community Services Reporter".

Read the article here: (PDF)

Nancy Cader - Capable of So Much More

During a meeting to review their approach to communication, Nancy and a young man had their first true conversation, and it became clear that he was "capable of so much more than anyone was giving him credit for."

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Jessica Stover - Everyone Communicates

Jessica had to change her way of thinking to imagine the possibilities that come with communication support. Embracing the idea of possibility has altered her lilfe and showed her that everyone communicates!

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Shauna Roman - Right the Wrongs of the World

Shauna has found that we need to open up to the possibility that we aren’t even close to figuring out the people we support. If we allow ourselves, we can get to a new world where people are people, an even playing field where we are all on the same team.

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Michelle Baker - Listen and Observe

Communicating with people is a part of who Michelle is, and now she pays more attention to the little things that are too often dismissed as "nothing".

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Joe Murphy - Too Many People Have No Say in Their Own Lives

Joe's passion to put himself "out of work" by helping everyone to find their voice has led to personal changes, challenges, and proud moments.

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Mark Reeves - Communicate and Have a Real Life

Communicating through AT has helped Mark "become a real person" with "a real life". By being a Communication Mentor, he can help offer hope to others that they too can show their abilities and find a means to communicate.

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Lovette Sumner - Joy and Satisfaction

Being a Communication Mentor gives Lovette the chance to teach and learn about different ways of communicating. There truly is joy and satisfaction when a person's communication needs are met.

Check out Lovette's full story here: (PDF) (Word) (Text)

Doris Kalina - Support, Choice, and Control

Assisting people to seek employment exposed Doris to a variety of communication systems, and brought out the excitement in seeing people express themselves, make choices, and take control of their lives.

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Lee Flad - Communication’s Power

People had a belief in Lee, and she had a belief in people and potential. She has found accomplishments and the greater good, as well as the power of communication.

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Cindy Evitts - There Has to Be a Better Way

Seeing the type of care people were receiving in residential settings led Cindy to believe there had to be a better way to meet people's needs and listening, respecting choices, and remembering that there is more than one way to do something.

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Diane Singleton - Better Communication and Understanding

The need for knowledge and a love of people drives Diane to find better ways of communicating and understanding. On her journey, she has learned not to take anything at face value anymore.

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